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38341000 – Apparatus for measuring radiation

Code Name
38341100 Electron-beam recorders
38341200 Radiation dosimeters
38341300 Instruments for measuring electrical quantities
38341400 Geiger counters
38341500 Contamination-monitoring devices
38341600 Radiation monitors

Apparatus for measuring radiation code description

Category Name: Apparatus for Measuring Radiation

This category encompasses a range of specialized equipment designed to measure and monitor radiation levels. It includes various subcategories that cater to different aspects of radiation measurement. Electron-beam recorders are devices used to record and analyze electron beam radiation. Radiation dosimeters are instruments used to measure the amount of radiation exposure an individual receives. Instruments for measuring electrical quantities are tools used to assess electrical properties in radiation-related applications. Geiger counters are handheld devices that detect and measure ionizing radiation. Contamination-monitoring devices are used to identify and quantify radioactive contamination. Lastly, radiation monitors are comprehensive systems that monitor and analyze radiation levels in various environments. These apparatuses play a crucial role in ensuring safety and compliance in industries dealing with radiation, such as healthcare, nuclear power, and environmental monitoring.