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38300000 – Measuring instruments

Code Name
38310000 Precision balances
38320000 Drafting tables
38330000 Hand-held instruments for measuring length
38340000 Instruments for measuring quantities

Measuring instruments code description

The category “Measuring instruments” encompasses a range of tools and devices used for precise measurements in various fields. It includes subcategories such as precision balances, drafting tables, hand-held instruments for measuring length, and instruments for measuring quantities. Precision balances are specialized scales used for accurate weighing in scientific and industrial applications. Drafting tables are adjustable work surfaces primarily used by architects and designers for drawing and drafting. Hand-held instruments for measuring length are portable devices used to measure distances and dimensions. Instruments for measuring quantities refer to tools used to quantify and assess various parameters, such as temperature, pressure, volume, or electrical signals. These measuring instruments play a crucial role in ensuring accuracy and reliability in scientific research, manufacturing processes, and other industries.